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Street Soccer

What is Street Soccer?

Street Soccer is a brand of soccer that demands precision, agility and creativity in an environment where extensive foot work is required.

This free style game challenges players to use strength and strategy in an unconventional way.

The term street soccer emerged from playing soccer on the street, where many of the best players from around the world got their start. Today, the street soccer concept applies more as an informal game style than street play only. Its focus is on a fast pace game in small spaces with free-style moves, respecting the fair play of the game.

Advantages of Street Soccer Training

It allows players to play and make quick decisions without continues interruptions. Players will make a lot of mistakes but must learn very quickly from them. Due to the size of the field and players involved, this allows for numerous amount of touches on the ball thus increasing a player's technical skill and tactical ability.

Communication skills are also enhanced as it is crucial to communicate with teammates in this small-side game.

Street soccer provides the key components of the real game.

Technical ability: Because of the limited space and number of participants, players much learn to be quick with their feet especially in dribbling and passing combinations. The number of scoring and shooting opportunities are also increased so players improve their striking and finishing ability with plenty of repetition.

Tactical ability: Street soccer is a fast game with plenty of transition from attacking to defending and vice versa, players must be able to adjust quickly and keep team shape with and without the ball.

Physical ability: Because of the smaller field and number of players, the players' fitness is constantly challenged, from pure speed to technical speed and agility. Street soccer does not have too many stoppages, so a player's stamina will improve quickly and get him or her prepared for real game situations.

Psychological ability: Because it is played at a fast pace, street soccer requires a lot of focus, analytical speed and concentration. This improves a players' psychological agility and strategic thinking..

GCA FC incorporates street soccer concepts into our tactical training environment. This dynamic style gives freedom to our players to express themselves in the small-sided activities and forces them to come up with solutions to the demands of the game. Players are constantly challenged in our training sessions, they quickly learn to love the game because of our training philosophy and the freedom offered to them in the game like activities.

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