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Philosophy Style

The Glen Celtic America FC Philosophy Style

Glen Celtic America Football Club was founded in 2017 out of a need to provide a unified approach and consistent philosophy of teaching within a Premier club. Our coaches are united in understanding and implementing our possession style soccer training curriculum. Before every practice, our coaches are required to write up a session plan, this session is designed using a street style soccer environment which consists of a technical warm-up, small-sided to larger-sided activities and finishes with a game. The practice is designed for a certain topic and the coach focuses on that aspect of the game for the duration of the training session.

This environment allows kids to express themselves like never before and develop a love for the game fairly quickly. We do not tell the players what to do, we teach them and based on that knowledge we require them to come up with solutions to the problems they experience in the game, individually and as a group. We believe that soccer is the players' game and should be respected so by the coach and the parents alike.

You may be told that a player has to go to a certain club to get to the next level but we believe that even at the local town level, these clubs and coaches have a great responsibility in the process of helping a player develop and every program along the way plays a big part in a player reaching his or her next goal.

Our Values


Above all, our players will be taught to respect coaches, opponents and referees alike. As a Club, we will promote the importance of both winning and losing and how it relates to building character on and off the field.


Although GCA FC focuses on individual player development, the players will learn the importance of working together to achieve a common goal. They will understand how their individual hard work and commitment level effects how well the team can come together to complete tasks otherwise not attainable alone.


Our aim at GCA FC is to create a dynamic, competitive but enjoyable and fun learning environment, we believe that soccer is the players' game. When players are allowed to express themselves and are challenged to be as creative as they wish to be, they learn to love and appreciate the game of soccer.

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